What is and What Should — Led ‘Zeppelin

John Stix listens as top players discuss their influences

John Stix was the Founding Editor-In-Chief of Guitar For the Practicing Musician Magazine and a principal architect for the creation of Guitar World and Guitar One Magazines. He started Guitar Recordings where he signed Blues Saraceno, Mike Keneally, Mark Bonilla, Randy Coven, and Brad Gillis Currently he runs the print dept. at Cherry Lane Music.

Yeah, that’s “What is”. What can you say? Page creates more on one record than most of these new bands create in their whole life’s career. In one song he has more riffs and more things to say, more stories to tell, than anybody has in one career. So I believe that Jimmy Page (already) wrote every riff, and I think he’s an asshole for writing every riff! Whenever you write a song, you have to pick up the old Page Book of Riffs, and make sure you’re not subliminally using something. This song, the whole thing is all moods. There’s emotion to all this stuff. There’s times that you want to hear it, there’s times that you don’t. It’s not plastic. That’s the thing about any song, I think especially Zeppelin’s. When you hear their record it takes you through different moods.


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