Things You Need To Know When Learning Guitar

When you start learning guitar, there will be surely many difficulties. However, you have to learn how to face to them. It is hard to know where you should start. In this lesson, you will learn about a roadmap on what to start on. It’s simply to explain what to start on. Here some things you need to know when learning guitar.

Things You Need To Know When Learning Guitar

Where to find good lessons

You can look for a lot of lesson on the internet. They will teach you everything you need to know. You can search for lessons through youtube, google, ultimate guitar, or others you can find.You should start with lessons having a high rating in order to be sure that you are learning quality lessons. You also have not to pay for lessons on the internet. You just need to search hard, and you will find all the lessons without paying any cent.

Understand your guitar

You have to learn all the jargon as well as all the parts of the guitar before reading any lesson. Through lessons, you will understand more about parts of guitar such as pickups, frets, nuts, bridges, sound holes, machine-heads, necks, and plenty more. When you feel comfortable with them, you feel more sense.

First thing first

First, you need to learn tablature and how to read tabs. A basic way to write out music is the tab. This is a simple system you can learn right now. Therefore, the first important thing you need to learn is reading tabs. Search on Google, you will get a lot of lessons for how to read guitar tab.

One note at a time

To start learning scales or chords or anything else, you have to be capable of playing a single note properly. However, many people skip this because they get so excited and think it too easy. As a result, you will create easily many bad habits. This basic is the first enemy of beginners when starting learning guitar. You should search for lessons on how to fret notes or proper fretting technique.





Finger exercises

Almost beginners feel uncomfortable because they have a finger pain. You can also experience some type of pain at some point such as in your hand from stretching your fingertips out or at your fingertips. It’s easy to feel tired easy because your muscles haven’t been developed. To strengthen them up, you need finger exercises. Although it may sounds very silly, it has a high value. Only when you build up your finger strength, you can push yourself learn more interesting things and learn harder. Thus, you should search for simple guitar exercises for beginners on YouTube or Google.


You can feel everything above boring and really basic. However, everybody has to learn to crawl before walking. Learning guitar is the same. You also need to crawl some information such as open chords, power chords, major and minor scales, and some basic techniques like pull-offs, hammer-ons, slides and bends. You can learn plenty of different things when starting learning guitar. But, you can’t skip these basics. Skipping them is a mistake.

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